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  • Make an easy 280-290kW with a custom tune

  • Simple and reliable cooling of intake charge

  • Run higher boost levels more safely

  • Up to 150°C reduction in intake temps

  • Tough appearance of a front-mounted intercooler and chromed intake piping behind the front bumper

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty



Harness the full potential of your L67 supercharged V6 Commodore with this unique air-to-air intercooler adaptor plate.

Designed and manufactured in Australia through an intensive 18 month development process, our air-to-air intercooler adaptor plates offer an extremely efficient, reliable way to reduce intake temperatures; resulting in higher air flow and shorter lag time than some other forms of intercooling.



Our new air-to-air intercooler plates are cast from automotive grade alloy and feature a 70mm inlet and outlet for maximum airflow (perfectly matching our 69mm ported throttle body), which is precision machined for perfect fitment and finish.


The plate is 52mm tall and fits between the factory blower and the blower manifold, clearing all obstacles within the standard engine bay; allowing for proper under-bonnet clearance.


Testing has shown intake temperatures to drop by as much as 150°C by using our adaptor plates, allowing you to run more boost, more safely - meaning more power and torque!


In fact, our testing has shown that it's easy to make between 280 and 290kW, simply through fitting our air-to-air intercooler adaptor plates together with a tune. This is over 65kW more than you could hope to make in a non-intercooled L67 application.



Used in conjunction with a front-mount intercooler, the adaptor plate receives the hot air from the supercharger, cycling it through the front-mount intercooler and back into the intake manifold mounted below. It's a simple, efficient and reliable intercooling option.


Fitment of the air-to-air intercooler adaptor plate is simple for a general mechanic or the more experienced DIY enthusiast in the home garage; however a custom tune of your vehicles ECU will be required.


We offer an optional fitment kit to make the installation of our L67 air-to-air intercooler adaptor a breeze, including all the bits you'll need to get moving. However, if you're planning a custom installation, you won't need to wear the additional cost for parts you're not going to need.



Our L67 air-to-air intercooler adaptor plates really are the gateway to supercharged V6 performance never before known.


With an easy 280-290kW achievable with the adaptor alone, 300kW+ is possible with further modifications and porting.


Vehicle Fitment Guide



Note: Optional L67 Air to Air Intercooler fitment kit can be purchased from another ad.

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