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Here at Mace Engineering, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service and always look to go that extra mile when it comes to customer assistance. Therefore, we've finally put together a number of cam packages at a discounted price for all the Ecotec V6 fans out there who don't want to waste time and feel misguided when it comes to mixing and matching parts. Each component has been selected to ensure the valve-train remains bullet-proof when it's most needed and the contents of each kit have been tailored to accommodate the cam that comes with it.

These sought after packages include every supporting part required for a full cam install. The camshafts themselves are from our current range (CAM602-CAM603), so performance gains have been previously verified over an extended period of time. Please search the aforementioned cam part numbers in our other listings for comprehensive specifications; otherwise enjoy our headache-free, unambiguous and brand new cam packages.



  • 01 X CAM603 - Mace L36 performance camshaft
  • 01 X Rollmaster double row timing chain
  • 01 X Machined oil pump cover
  • 12 X Crow Cams 130lb valve spring
  • 12 X Mace hardened retainer
  • 12 X Viton valve stem seal
  • 12 X Crow Cams hydraulic roller lifter
  • 12 X Crow Cams super duty pushrod
  • 24 X COMP Cams valve lock

Vehicle Fitment Guide




  • Pushrod length will require checking if heads have been skimmed or block has been decked.
  • Dyno tune is required post installation for this package (we can recommend a local workshop in most cases).
  • Cam in this package is designed for use with ported heads and added displacement.
  • We recommend dialing in all aftermarket cams using a degree wheel to ensure that they’re phased correctly with the crankshaft. You can do this by using our 8" or 11" degree wheel listed in other ads.
  • Removing the timing cover may upset the sump gasket depending on certain models. We stock cork and metal sump gaskets if yours cannot be re-used.
  • Stage 1 & 2 Performance cam packages can be purchased through other listings.
  • We have all gaskets available through other ads.
  • The image is for illustrative purposes only.

This includes the following individual products

To complement our range of Buick cam packages and stroker kits we now stock high quality Rollmaster GM Buick timing chain sets. They're available in both single and double row configuration to meet everyone's performance needs.

1 piece(s)
$250.00 *

Crow Cams valve springs are made from aircraft quality alloy steels to give the best performance and reliability at a reasonable price.

1 piece(s)
$265.00 *
Product no.: SPG603

Crow Cams valve locks or collets replace the factory part and provide increased strength.

1 piece(s)
$78.00 *
Product no.: SPG604

This Mace performance retainer set has been machined to exacting specifications, to ensure proper install height of 1.8 inches, when you want to run "LS" style valve springs in your factory Ecotec L36 and L67 Supercharged V6 engines.

1 piece(s)
$55.00 *
Product no.: SPG605

This Mace viton valve stem seal set has been precision designed and manufactured to provide perfect sealing by preventing leakage of oil in combustion chambers hence improved engine performance.

1 piece(s)
$20.00 *
Product no.: SPG606

Crow Cams hydraulic roller lifters are an upgrade for factory lifters found in all Holden Buick, Ecotec and L67 V6 engines. With refined durability and performance, they ensure valve-train stability in the most demanding conditions.

1 piece(s)
$255.00 *
Product no.: OIL601

This Premium quality machine thinner oil pump cover, with precision ground finish and durable coating, allows extra clearance for your double row timing chain kit.

1 piece(s)
$120.00 *

Please note that all the cams we offer are only premium quality COMP Cams, ground to our specification. Shown below are our cam grinds to suit the L36 (ecotec) engine.

1 piece(s)



$450.00 *
Product no.: PR601

This pushrod set is made from seamless high carbon material and are a one piece design with a 5/16" ball-type end. This pushrod set suits Holden vehicles fitted with Ecotec L36 and L67 Supercharged V6 engines.

1 piece(s)
$155.00 *



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