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If you think you've gone as far as you can with bolt-on performance parts or are even rebuilding your late model V6, it's time to consider the benefits of our eagerly anticipated high-performance camshafts. The SIDI Mace cams are unmatched in quality and value compared to any other V6 engine modification. Providing gains of around 30rwkw with a proper dyno tune and a substantial torque increase across the entire rpm range, these cams unleash the full potential of the high feature V6.

These cams provide power gains of approximately 30rwkw between 1500 and 6000rpm on a naturally aspirated V6 with a cold air intake and full exhaust system. Despite the excellent performance characteristics of this grind, the engine remains tractable and responsive at low speed. Our billet cams even provide that choppy idle and the heart-throbbing symphony at wide open throttle that every enthusiast loves to hear. 

These cams have been designed to work in conjunction with the factory valve-train and engine components, so you are not required to replace a thing. If you intend on revving your vehicle beyond the factory rev-limiter or adding a little boost, then we'd at least recommend our high-performance valve-spring kit and aftermarket timing chain set.

Some of our customers were happy to share their results and experience they had with our Mace Engineering camshaft set:


Holden VE Commodore SV6 3.6L V6 Mace cams idle clip:



Holden VF Commodore SV6 SIDI LFX 3.6L V6 (260rwkw) country drive:



Our cams in a Holden VF Commodore SV6 SIDI LFX 3.6L V6:



Our friends at SVS Auto Repairs and Dyno Tuning in Queensland had very successful results after they fitted a set of our cams in a Holden VF Commodore SV6 SIDI LFX 3.6L V6. 


Dyno Report:

This VZ Commodore equipped with an Alloytec LE0 3.6L V6 made an impressive 396HP or 294kW at the rear wheels through a stock auto with a set of Mace Cams and a Raptor Supercharger Kit. Thats a power increase of 160%! This is a fantastic result and illustrates these cams work well in a boosted application as well as a naturally aspirated setup. The dynamometer result was achieved through the use of a Mainline, which generally read lower than their counterparts.





  • 4 X Brand new billet camshaft

Vehicle Fitment Guide




  • The camshafts are brand new, so there is no need for change-over or deposit. In addition, this grind is compatible with all makes and models that are equipped with the high feature V6.
  • Timing chain retainer for SIDI V6 can be purchased/loaned out through another listing. These tools significantly cut down labour time when installing these cams.
  • Unfortunately, these aftermarket camshafts do not have provisions for the cam locking tools. Please use the timing marks on the gears and chains to align the cams.
  • Dyno tune is mandatory. Please contact us for recommended workshops.
  • Only one grind available: 210/210 @ 0.050".

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