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This tool is required to service the camshaft position actuators (phasers) as well as the camshafts, camshaft followers, lifters, valve springs and valve seals on Alloytec High Feature V6 engines with the 7.7mm timing drive system. Without this tool, repair or replacement of any of the aforementioned engine components will require the removal of the timing cover and the disassembly of the entire camshaft timing system resulting in excessive labour time. Once the camshaft covers are removed, the tool is then installed to retain the timing chain in its proper orientation. The timing chain and its position relative to the camshaft position actuators is to be marked to ensure proper reassembly. It is recommended to only remove and complete work on one camshaft and its mating parts at a time.


Tool loan:

This tool is also available to be loaned out for $50, but we will also require a $170 bond. The bond will be fully refunded once the tool has been returned in complete working order within 30 days. Should you damage components, the core refund will be pro-rated to cover the cost of the damaged parts (not including consumables like anti-seize lubricant).

Please note that the return postage of the tool is the responsibility of the customer.


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  • We offer this timing chain retainer free to customers who purchase our VZ-VE cam package. However, a bond of $170 is needed which you will receive back in full when the item is sent back to us safely.
  • Mace aftermarket camshafts for Alloytec 3.6L V6 engine can be purchased through another listing.
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