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If you think you've gone as far as you can with bolt-on mods or are rebuilding your late model Falcon, it's time to consider the benefits that only high-performance camshafts can bring.
Crow Cams have developed a series of top end camshafts for your naturally aspirated Ford Falcon 6 cylinder. These are designed to deliver real-world horsepower gains depending on exhaust, induction system, compression ratio, fuel system, injectors and tune.
All our cams are new, so there is no need for change-over or deposit and we have a range to suit all sorts of models and applications.

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Camshaft Specifications



CAM635: BA-BF ONLY - Mild performance cams, good mid range, smooth idle, can be used with standard valve springs, ECU recalibration required.

CAM637: Mild performance street cams, great mid-range and upper RPM, can be used with standard valve springsfull exhaust system, high-stall (auto only) and ECU recalibration required.

CAM638: Performance street cams, strong mid-range and upper RPM, needs performance valve springs, full exhaust, high stall & ECU recalibration.

CAM639: High performance street cams, great mid-range and upper RPM, needs performance valve springs, full exhaust, high stall & ECU recalibration. Piston to valve clearance should be checked.

CAM640: Hi performance street /strip cams, great upper RPM range, needs performance valve springs, full exhaust, high stall, vernier gears & ECU recalibration.
CAM641: Street /strip application, worked engines only, needs performance valve springs, full exhaust, high stall, vernier gears, head work & ECU recalibration.

CAM642: Race application only not recommended for street use.

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  • We recommend dialing in all aftermarket cams using a degree wheel to ensure that they’re phased correctly with the crankshaft. You can do this by using our 8" or 11" degree wheel listed in other ads.
  • We have all gaskets available through other ads.
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