Part of contributing to the future automotive engineers in Australia and keeping up to date with the latest engineering practices, we’ve joined forces with RMIT Racing, in supporting them with their Formula SAE race car. For people who are not familiar with Formula SAE, picture it as a shrunk down Formula One, which undergraduate engineering students, from various universities from around the world build up from scratch and compete against each other each year!

The amount of high end development work that goes into to these would certainly not be out of place of that of developing an F1 car. From 3D CAD modeling, computational stress, fluid analysis, wind tunnel testing, etc.

Having been apart of the team back in 2003 as an undergraduate engineer myself, it’s certainly not for the faint hearted! With these guys having to not only take into account the design of the component they’re involved with, but also document the design, costing and also management of the manufacturing and assembly of the components of the race car, all on top of their studies!

For more about last year’s car and about the history of the competition in general check out the links below.