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  • Up to 25% horsepower gain
  • Street-friendly, tractable RPM range
  • ADR compliant



If you think you've gone as far as you can with bolt-on performance parts or are rebuilding your Holden V6, it's time to consider the benefits that only a high-performance Camshaft and Memcal package can bring.



We have developed a series of high-performance Camshaft and Memcal packages for your Holden V6. Designed to deliver real-world horsepower gains of up to 25%, our Holden V6 cams won't compromise the drivability or fuel economy of your vehicle, like some cams can.

All our cam packages are new, so there is no need for change-over or deposit and we have packages to suit every model and transmission.


STAGE 1 PACKAGE: Improved Torque and Economy Towing

Our Stage 1 kit contains a new Camshaft and Memcal; providing a power gain of 15% between 1000 and 5000rpm. Perfect for towing, normal driving, and highway cruising.


STAGE 2 PACKAGE: Improved Mid Range Power Touring

Our Stage 2 kit contains a new high-performance Camshaft and Memcal. We recommend this kit be used in conjunction with a free-flowing exhaust system for maximum performance.

This package provides a maximum power gain of 20% between 1500 and 6000rpm. This increase has been achieved without sacrificing any noticeable low-end torque or drivability.


STAGE 3 PACKAGE: Improved Top End Power High Performance kit

This kit contains a new Stage 3 Camshaft, Memcal and Valve springs. This camshaft kit must be used in conjunction with a twin cat exhaust system for maximum performance.

This package provides a maximum power gain of 25% between 1800 and 6300rpm. Despite the excellent high-performance characteristics of this package, the engine remains tractable and responsive at low speed. While a standard torque converter can be used on automatic-equipped vehicles, an 1800rpm stall converter will enhance acceleration.



The camshaft is one of the most vital components inside your engine, controlling when and how the intake and exhaust valves open and close inside your cylinder heads directly affecting not only how much power you make, but where in the rev range it does it.

By altering the three main attributes to camshaft design being lift, duration and lobe-separation we've been able to offer a series of camshafts that provide maximum drivability and economy, whilst also offering up to 25% power gains!


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  • Memcals in these packages are re-calibrated by Mace and we have strict guidelines in terms of what modifications our memcals support. Your setup's compatibility will be determined on the basis of filled out application form. In case of non-compatibility, you can either change your setup to a compatible one or we can supply you with the cam only. *CLICK HERE* to download the blank application form and send it back to
  • Stage 2 & 3 Cam and Chip packages can be purchased through other listings.
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