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Since the release of the Holden Ecotec V6, we have built up an extensive library of tunes to accommodate a variety of builds and configurations with exceptional results. Each project that we receive is carefully analyzed based on the custom tune form, the customer is required to fill out after making the purchase. Once we have verified that the information provided complies with our tuning capabilities, a specific tune file is selected and slightly tweaked to tailor it to the vehicles current setup. This alleviates all the compromises that were made by Holden in the engine calibration during mass production.

We can cater for most modifications, ranging from a simple cold air intake all the way through to a camshaft upgrade or L67 conversion which will yield improvements such as; refined fuel economy, smoother power delivery, greater throttle response and of course an increase in all out power and torque.

If the vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission, the settings are revamped to provide firmer gear shifts by increasing the line pressures which render the gearbox more reliable in the long term. At the discretion of the customer, we can also modify certain tables to allow the gearbox to stay in gear permanently until the driver selects the next gear (ideal for burnout comps or drag racing). Other features like adjusting the fan enable temps can also be made.

Power output will differ from model to model however, in a fair comparison we usually see at least an 8kw gain at the rear wheels in an absolutely stock vehicle, meaning the more modifications that have been made, the higher the final power figure will be.
Fitment is simple, handled by even the most inexperienced DIY enthusiast in around 10-minutes with only basic tools. The factory ECU is located behind the kick-panel of the passenger side foot-well. The battery should be disconnected during the entire switch-over procedure.


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  • Our performance PCMs are limited in what they can cater for. If you're running forced induction, nitrous, have built a stroker, heavily modified cylinder heads or a running a camshaft that we don't stock, a custom dyno tune is required instead. We can recommend a workshop if that's the case.
  • These re-calibrations can also cater for L67 conversions and transmission swaps. However, if you have a VS/VT V6 Commodore or factory L67, your ECU will be able to take our cheaper re-calibrated memcal instead. Please contact us for any questions or concerns.
  • Once you have purchased your performance tune, please download this form complete it as accurately as possible and email it back to
  • Make sure your MAF sensor is clean before installing your upgraded PCM.
  • The item is an outright purchase. There is no need to send up your original PCM.
  • If you send your PCM to us after you receive your Mace PCM, we will offer you a $50 refund.
  • These performance recalibrations can take up to 5 business days to program after we have received your tune form.
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