Holden VE - VF V6 Remote FLASH Tuning

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                             *****NO LONGER AVAILABLE*****

MACE remote custom tuning service for VE-VF V6 Alloytec and SIDI Commodores suitable for MY08.5 (October 2007 - As displayed on Compliance Plate) and Onwards


  •     Increases average power output
  •     Improves drivability
  •     Improve all 4-speed and 6-speed automatic shiftpoints and achieve faster and harder shifts
  •     Remote custom tuning
  •     Better fuel consumption
  •     Fully customised tune to your desired improvements
  •     Quick & easy to install
  •     Notice gains straight away!
  •     Full easy to read PDF instructions
  •     Loan or purchase the programmer outright


Power Pro Flash is a USB cable that plugs into your laptop on one end, and your car on the other. Power Pro Flash requires a laptop running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Peak gain power improvements with these tunes can be achieved on some vehicles without supporting mods (though stronger low to mid range gains are definitely going to be achieved resulting in a net average power gain). This means that the area under your dyno graph will be greater even if no real peak gains are attained. For a guaranteed significant increase in peak power, supporting mods such as a full exhaust system (cats), cams, OTR, forced induction is required.



We send out a form which asks for a list of your current modifications, desired outcomes (within reason), VIN number etc... We then send you the programmer/data logger (which requires a PC) with the tuning software and email you out a base tune.

Once the base tune is flashed in the car, the runs are logged, you then email the log file to us to revise the tune to suit your car specifically. We then email up a revised tune at no extra cost.

Please be aware that this is a custom tune service. As every vehicle is different we need your help in reading your vehicles engine and transmission files. We customise every tune to the customers car.

Our remote tune can often give similar or greater gains over a dyno tune given the additional information under real world conditions.

We offer free retunes for a period of 6 weeks after we send you the base tune. In this period any other additional modifications can be recalibrated at no extra cost. After the 6 week period additional charges will result.

PLEASE NOTE: As this is a remote tune service the time involved from start to finish usually takes 1 to 3 weeks. Extra delays due to busy periods may result. Please be aware we will not offer refunds for tunes that fall outside of this period or require extra resources for fault finding and diagnostics as every car is different. To read our full policy please click here.



This dyno graph is of a VE MY08 SV6 commodore running a cat back exhaust system, cold air intake kit & a MACE tune.

In regards to SIDI gains they tend to be less, given their higher compression ratio. In saying this though the, there are still solid gains to be had in regards to driveability and power output in conjunction with other mods.

For more feedback about our tuning service, please check out the link below:


Please note: a bond of $220 is required if loaning the programmer, which is refunded in full once it’s returned back in working order. The cable must be returned within 30 days of receiving your base tune or the cable loan amount will be forfeited.

We cannot tune 5 speed transmissions, only 4 speed and 6 speed automatics. Please be aware before purchasing the tune as refunds are not available.

Conversely the programmer can be purchased outright for $180

The benefit of purchasing the programmer outright is that it allows you to swap between tunes at your convenience. This may come in handy if the car is still serviced by a dealership. It also logs and erases fault codes, which may be handy from a diagnostics perspective.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing the work yourself, we have a number of workshops nationally who can assist. Please contact us for more details.

Please note: 'TUNE ONLY' is for customers who already have the PPF programmer


Once you have purchased your tune - please fill out & submit this form


IMPORTANT: For the steps & instructions regarding the remote tuning procedure & what needs to be downloaded - please visit our tuning website



***What model is my VE?***
Must be based on the build month displayed on the Compliance Plate



                            *****NO LONGER AVAILABLE*****

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