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Fitting any of our pulleys that are 2.9" and smaller in diameter will require the snout to be machined down. Unfortunately, trying to find the tooling or a tradesman that will complete the job to a professional standard can be quite challenging.

The Mace Engineering snout machining tool has been designed to alleviate any difficulties or complications when attempting to turn down the snout. Its as simple as removing your current Mace supercharger pulley, bolting the tool in to the snout shaft (not overly tight though), setting the appropriate height for the toolbit with the spring and all-thread, lock an electric drill in place over the centre bolt on the tool and away you go.

The HSS cutting bar will generate a fair amount of swarf, so placing a rag over as much of the front of the motor is ideal. Depending on the speed taken to turn down the snout, the cutter will require some form of lubrication to keep it cool and prevent it from burning out.

It usually takes 20 minutes to turn down by hand or 5 minutes with a hi-torque electric drill.

If you are loaning the tool it's $50 plus a bond of $160 is required. Once the snout machining tool is returned you will be refunded your $160 bond.


The snout machining tool must be sent back within 30 days in satisfactory condition to be eligible for a refund.



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